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Chitosan oligosaccharide is a functional material with high biological activity and excellent absorption. Chitosan oligosaccharide has wide applications in pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, and as a feed additive. 
As a food additive, chitosan oligosaccharide has been shown to inhibit pathogenic bacterial growth. Studies on poultry indicate that as a feed additive, chitosan oligosaccharide has been shown to improve nutrient absorption resulting in a more palatable meat product.  Furthermore, addition of chitosan oligosaccharide improves the immune function of young chickens thereby increasing the efficiency of antibody treatment.
Potential health benefits are numerous, immune enhancement, anti-carcenogenic, anti-bacterial, lowers of blood glucose, improvement of calcium absorption, and improved liver function. As a plant food agent, chitosan oligossacchride improves plant function by inhibiting growth of pathogens and viral infection while stimulating plant resistance.
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