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Glyco New Partner with ZTH (Beijing) TECH
The release date:2012-02-20 Author:glycobio
   To promote the application of chitosan oligosaccharides, alginate oligosaccharide, and other glycoengineering products in animal husbandry healthy breeding. DICP started the cooperation with ZTH (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. in exploring the application of glycoengineering products.
    ZTH (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a leading feed additives producing corporation in China. With excellent teams in R&D, marketing, technical services and domestic and foreign resources, it has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification successfully.
    This hand in hand action will dedicate a win-win future of both companies. Furthermore, the deep meaning of this joint R&D is by adapting the market needs to better design and develop oligosaccharides products range, thus providing more high quality oligosaccharide products, which significantly contributes to the healthy development of the glycoengineering industry in livestock sector.
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