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Dr. Michael Andrew Varley Visits DICP and Glycobio
The release date:2011-09-28 Author:glycobio

    On 26th of September, Dr. Michael Andrew Varley who came from the United Kingdom gave a report on prospects of pig production both in Europe and Asia at DICP bio-floor conference room. Chairman Yuguang Du and the general manager Gang Cui of Glycobio attended this report. They shared in-depth communication with Dr. Michael Andrew Varley on the use of Chitosan Ogligosaccharides in pig feed additives.

    Dr. Michael A. Varley is an internationally renowned breeding expert who got his Ph.D at University of Nottingham in 1975. Afterwards, he engaged in animal nutrition studies worked at the University of Leeds and other research institutions. At present, he works in the R&D and knowledge transfer department of British Pig Committee. Varley is engaged in the worldwide regional consultant on pig industry. For this reason, he has quite abundant experience in the cooperation with many large animal nutrition companies from domestic and international.

    During the report, Dr. Michael Andrew Varley gave an introduction of the current situation of the pig industry in Asia-Europe developed countries and came up with the problems that lay behind the application of pig feed additives. Dr. Xu from DICP gave an account of the status and application for using chitosan oligosaccharides as feed additives. The two parties discussed in-depth and exchanged ideas on the use of chitosan oligosaccharides feed additives in pig breeding.

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